VirtualSmith's objective is to augment its client's staff by provide subject matter experts enable you to take your business to tomorrow. These offerings include everything necessary to enable your company to leverage VirtualSmith's hosted offerings as well as everything you would need to create your own in-house environments.

The most common packages are:
  • Network Integration of a VirtualSmith hosted environment with your current internal network
  • An assessment of your current systems and estimated growth to size your virtual environment
  • Physical to Virtual Migrations of your current systems onto your in-house or VirtualSmith hosted environment
  • Development and implementation of a Business Continuity and/or a Disaster Recovery plan for your current physical or Virtual Environment
  • Design and implementation of an in-house virtualization environment
VirtualSmith is a full service Virtualization Consulting Company; as such custom engagements that were not included in the list above are available. If you are interested in a custom engagement or determining if one of the packages listed above fit your company's needs please contact or contact us from the contact page.