VirtualSmith's objective is to augment its client's staff by provide subject matter experts enable you to take your business to tomorrow. These offerings include everything necessary to enable your company to leverage VirtualSmith's hosted offerings as well as everything you would need to create your own in-house environments... (more)

Hosted Virtual Environments

VirtualSmith was formed in direct response to the extremely high cost of entry into the Virtual Infrastructure space. This high cost of entry is outside the obvious and licensing and hardware costs of Virtualization; it is greatly exacerbated by the breadth and wealth of knowledge that is required to implement, bulletproof, and support these environments... (more)

Managed Virtual Environments

VirtualSmith's business model revolves around meeting our client's needs so they may stay focused on their business' needs. Part of this includes accepting that an off-site hosted solution may not be feasible or the direction that our clients may already be heading. That is why VirtualSmith offers an on-site managed Virtual Environment. This may be in your companies data center or it could be in a co-hosting facility that you already have in place... (more)