Gregory Smith, Director of Business Solutions

Gregory Smith has been engrained in the Information Systems contingent at multiple Fortune 500 companies for the last seven years where he has won awards for having significant impact on critical Information Systems initiatives. He has designed and implemented large scale Virtual Desktop, Server Virtualization, Citrix application hosting, and mission critical high availability environments running applications like SAP, Oracle, SAS, Weblogic, MQ Series, and Core Dossier. Gregory is also a VMware Certified Professional and has been designing and implementing VMware virtualization solutions in VMware ESX Server 1.5.

Gregory, through co-founding VirtualSmith; is able to bring the experience gained through years of system architecture and engineering work to the companies that will benefit from it the most. Smaller IT departments and budgets mandate the use of technologies such as virtualization and services including Virtual Environment Hosting. Without these solutions available, a small IT department cannot meet the ever evolving needs of its business while constantly trying to justify it ROI.

Jesse Middleton, Director of Technical Sales

Jesse Middleton is the Director of Technical Sales and co-founder of VirtualSmith. He and Gregory Smith work on VirtualSmith’s day-to-day operations in addition to providing much of technical knowledge needed to operate the virtual enterprise infrastructure that is VirtualSmith.

Prior to opening VirtualSmith’s doors, Jesse supported a global network infrastructure of a mid-sized privately owned company and founded a successful web and VPS hosting company. He has worked in the network security industry for over 7 years and has over 10 years of security and network training. Jesse has also sat on multiple advisory committees for a global computer manufacturing company as well as a domestic network and computer reseller.