VirtualSmith is a Virtual Infrastructure Environment and Virtual Server hosting company that in addition to its hosting offerings provides a number of value-add consulting services to its clients. VirtualSmith's objective as a company is to provide enterprise class Virtual Infrastructure Environments and expertise to small and medium sized clients allowing them to focus on their business and not how to keep up with the ever evolving Server Virtualization landscape.

Using tried and proven technologies and implementation strategies; VirtualSmith is poised to simplify its clients' IT processes across the board by simplifying Hardware Maintenance, Server Acquisition, data center administration, Server Deployment, and IT budgeting. All of these improvements come through the use of best in class equipment including Cisco Switches and Routers, Sun and/or HP server hardware, VMware virtualization technologies, and NetApp Storage platforms in tandem with in house developed network integration and Virtualization Environment Management tools. The entire Infrastructure is then managed and maintained by certified experts in their fields.

There is no reason why a company needs to dedicate its extremely valuable and limited IT resources to try and take advantage of this industry standard and ever growing paradigm shift in computing. Dedicate your resources to your business while VirtualSmith enables you to takes your business to tomorrow.